Plastic Gun Challenge

Important Match Information!
Plastic grip gun no optics -Any caliber above 9amm is allowed and will be scored as major. All magazines are limited to 15 rounds. If you shoot both 10 dollars discount will apply on the Steel Gun Challenge fee. 50 % refund after Decemeber 1st. Plastic gun example. Glocks, CZ p07, 2011 plastic grip, Springfield XD, M&P. No refunds after December 15th

Saturday Dec 29 2018 - Saturday Dec 29 2018

Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club
4845 E. SR 44
Volusia county, FL 33033

Match Fee $ 50
Junior Discount $ 10

Match Director
Extreme GM, Gorka Ibanez, Manny Bragg

Entries Open / Max
69 / 70

Entry Open/Close
Nov 14 2018 to Dec 29 2018

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