Sig Sauer Action Steel Nationals

Important Match Information!
Open Classification will be based on the highest optic class for handguns, and the highest iron sight classification for iron sight. Rimfire pistol or rifle will be based on the highest classification on record, pcc will be actual classification, if any gun is unclassified the default will be GM. Round plates =1 hit, square plate=2 hits stop signs=4 hits Bonus= -3 seconds

Friday Aug 09 2019 - Friday Aug 09 2019

Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club
4845 E. SR 44
Volusia county, FL 32773

Match Fee $ 65

Match Director
Extreme GM, Gorka Ibanez, Manny Bragg

Range Master
Extreme GM

Entries Open / Max
151 / 192

Entry Open/Close
Apr 22 2019 to Aug 08 2019

Registration is Open!