About MatchSignUp

MatchSignUp is designed for registration and pre-match management of the Action Shooting Sports. As a club, you will be able to create, promote and manage matches. Reports and exports to Practiscore, CSV and other formats make it easy to move right into your match. Competitors register, squad and pay online. All match funds are directly deposited to the match management PayPal account. We currenty use PayPal for its ease of use by both competitor and match staff.

Pricing and Fees

MatchSignUp is a FREE service to the action shooting community! We do not touch your money, charge for setup, or charge any fee to any shooter or match. MatchSignUp is trully a gift to the shooting community.

In agreement with PayPal, this site will only charge for match registration and related items such as shirts, meal tickets and trinkets. Also in agreement, we will not describe any raffles, drawings or games of chance.

If you have a PayPal business account, PayPal does not require a competitor to have an account to use a credit card. PayPal business account is free.


MatchSignUp allows you to download and import the match entries directly into PractiScore, EZWinScore and BunnySoft


If you have a question or need help, email j33716@gmail.com

Club Registration Form

To get started immediately, Fill out the form and submit. After you have successfully signed up, you will be redirected to the admin login page. From the Admin page, you will be able to create and manage matches.

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